About Emet™

We are the best company that chooses the best formulations in the global beauty-industry market and presents then in the markets of Ukraine and CIS. The best experts of esthetic medicine cooperate with us as we choose the products as for ourselves. And to tell the truth we choose them for ourselves.

And we know the score, and this is TRUTH.


Combine science, business, beauty and values.


Form a culture of beauty and youth, using science-intensive technologies of future for treatment and prevention of aging

We do not just sell cosmetics, we offer much more. We build relationships with our clients, partners and employees for everyone to get development and self-realization according to life values.

We are a company of great opportunities!

We are truly proud of the fact that we were able to build a system that is not simply convenient and comfortable to work with, but to earn money.

Meso-Wharton Р199

Meso-Wharton P199 — created on the basis of the peptide Wharton Jelly Peptide P199 ™, which stimulates the activity of stem cells of the skin, the pioneers of new young skin cells. Applied for the treatment and prevention of age-related changes in the skin, preparing for the thread skin-lift, recovery after peeling, grinding, and burns.

Meso-Xanthin F199

Meso-Xanthin F199 — the active substance Fucoxanthin F199 repairs damaged cells, relieves inflammation, protects against the impact of aggressive environmental factors. As a result, the manifestations of damage pass, the skin literally «glows with health from the inside.»


MESOSCULPT C71  – restores the face and neck young lines and contours. The active substance lipo modifier acts directly on fat cells and blocks the emergence of new ones. The amount of adipose tissue decreases without surgery. It effectively removes «jowls», double chin, nasolabial creases.


MESOEYE C71  – is the only drug that works precisely with the skin around the eyes. Its use in case of age-related changes of this delicate area gives a long-term effect in the form of reducing the severity of fatty pads and dark under-eye circles, fine lines, puffiness. The active ingredients restore the microcirculation of the eyelid skin.

Meso-Genesis BP3

Meso-Genesis BP3 – in this case, Wharton’s Jelly Peptide P199 ™ acts on the stem cells of the hair follicles and scalp, activates the growth of new healthy hair, improves the condition of the hair. Effectively used for the prevention and treatment of hair loss.

How to prolong antiaging procedures effect

The result of cosmetic procedures can be fixed and extended. To do this at home, one needs to follow the recommendations for care and take special drugs at home.

These are dietary supplements that enhance and prolong the effect of injectables.

Epi-Oral F199™

Epi-Oral F199™  – anti-age agent for the treatment and prevention of premature aging. It is proven to protect against the impact of aggressive factors that damage skin cells.

Chronogenics HGH

Chronogenics HGH  – for the treatment and prevention of natural aging associated with a decrease in the growth and sex hormones level. Naturally restores the production of human growth hormone, which enhances the regeneration of skin cells. Slows natural aging.

Magnox 520

Magnox 520 – the drug with the highest possible concentration of such an important microelement for health as magnesium. With its deficiency, the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, women’s health and skin health are primarily affected. Only one capsule per day will completely provide the body with magnesium.

The main stages of Emet ™ development

2012 the work start. Launch of the line of innovative top products of the American laboratory ABG LAB LLC

2015 Holding of the I International Interdisciplinary Congress on the Correction of Excessive Volumes of the Face and Body.

2016 launch of the All-Ukrainian program for Cosmetology Industry Development in Ukraine


— II International Congress on the Correction of Excessive Volumes of the Face and Body. Gender approach

— launch of the project “Marketing helper for cosmetologists”


— III International Congress “Self Regeneration. The science of self-renewal”.

— Opening an online store


For cooperation, please contact us at info@emet.in.ua or call +38 067 880 77 00